The Out Of School Study Group (OSSG) programme assists 550 orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) between the ages of 2 and 18 years who have not been attending school due to economic hardships as well as lack of birth certificates. Instead of loitering around the community engaging in mischief, Centre for Total Transformation (CTT) provides these children with a safe learn and play environment where they go through reading and writing lessons until school fees are secured then they are reintegrated into formal schools. Children walk long distances of 3km to 12 km to come to CTT. Children are also prepared to sit for national Grade 7 as well as O Level examinations. Since 2011 CTT has enabled more than 300 children to sit for their Grade seven examinations and move onto secondary school. The majority of these children do not have birth certificates and CTT has committed themselves to assisting them with birth registration. The Out of School Study Group programme has been commended for keeping children off the streets and out of trouble.