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About Us

Centre For Total Transformation

Centre for Total Transformation (CTT) is a Zimbabwean Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) created to reduce poverty through the strengthening of existing social and economic survival strategies and establishing new ones where necessary.

Centre for Total Transformation (CTT) is faith-based and finds both its identity and relevance in building upon the precepts of spiritual, social and economic transformation consistent with biblical values. CTT runs on a multi-purpose centre concept. This concept sees the physical centre of CTT as a nerve centre for education, community development and transformation where people from all walks of life converge on the centre with the hope of developing themselves through learning, skills training, networking, idea sharing and fellowship.


Historical Background

CTT was founded in 1998 by Joy Chidavaenzi who has a passion for seeing radical transformation and sustainable development in disadvantaged communities. CTT started its developmental efforts in rural Zimbabwe where they took over a war-torn training centre that was desolate and in ruins, but in its true nature of transformation, it was turned into a haven and educational hotspot for the community. A multi-purpose centre was established with the sole purpose of Inspiring lives and transforming surrounding communities. CTT ran projects that included sustainable agriculture & food security, environmental management, water & sanitation, Children’s welfare and youth development. More than 10 000 families benefited from CTT’s programs. In all its work CTT strives to mainstream spiritual and mindset transformation in line with the word of God. This has seen many people giving their lives to Christ through prayer and bible study sessions.


Peri-Urban Multipurpose Centre

In 2005 CTT established a second community multi-purpose centre to serve peri-urban communities located on the outskirts of Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare.

At this centre, more than 500 out of school orphans and vulnerable children, women and youth gather daily to receive nutritious meals, educational assistance, primary health care, psycho-social support, spiritual guidance as well as skills training in sustainable agriculture, environmental management, carpentry, sewing, art and many other trades.

Since its inception, thousands of families continue to benefit from CTT’s community development programs.


Approach to Community Development

CTT uses a holistic approach to community development, grounded in the principles of inclusion, empowerment, capacity building, social justice and self-determination.

This collaborative approach cultivates the social, economic, political, cultural, spiritual and environmental conditions that lead to transformational change at both individual and community levels. 


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About the founder

Joy Chidavenzi is a community development champion who has vast wealth of experience in working with communities in the areas of sustainable agriculture, community based natural resources management, leadership and entrepreneurship development for women and the youth. She has worked with communities around Africa as well as in the United States. Joy Chidavaenzi Holds a Master of Science Degree in International Community Economic Development from the New Hampshire college, USA. Joy Chidavaenzi believes that Community development is not only a vehicle for social and economic transformation but that it is a powerful tool for leading people to a renewed and eternal life in Christ.

"CTT uses a holistic approach to community development, grounded in the principles of inclusion, empowerment & capacity building..."