New York does not have a reciprocity deal with any other state; hence it does not honor a CCW permit from states in the country. New York has a May-issue policy for pistol licenses in the state. You can apply for a purchase permit from the pistol license section in your local county. A few guys he knows said it took them around 6 months in broome county. New York prohibits the open carry of firearms in the state, even for gun permit holders. Follow the directions on the County Application. You must have a unique self protection need for obtaining your concealed carry permit. Affidavit of Familiarity with Rules and Law states you are familiar with NYC Title 38 Chapter 5 (licensee responsibilities), NYS Article 35 (deadly force), NYS Article 265 (criminal possession of firearms), NYS Article 400 (licensee responsibilities), rules regarding Safety Locking Devices (trigger locks), NYC Charter 18-C (public safety zones included w/ application), US Title 18 (persons prohibited from possessing firearms included w/ application), and the NYPD pamphlet on terrorism and suspicious activity. A Retired Law Enforcement handgun license will not be issued to you if you did not receive a Pistol License Inquiry Response form (PD 643-155) a.k.a. Any additional forms/documents can be uploaded after you have submitted your application as follows: Click on Submitted. Click on your application number. Call them and aak them. 218 card) or if your license will be issued on your retirement date. First pistol was a Ruger Mark II that I inherited from my grandfather. New York prohibits the possession of assault weapons such as machine guns and semi-automatic firearms except for federally licensed individuals in the state. If you fail to report a change of address or name within the ten days, it may lead to a suspension or forfeiture of your New York pistol permit. Wait another 90 days, submit your next one, and while you wait Go shoot. Letter of Necessity (for carry permits) you wont get a carry permit without showing cause, and if you have cause, you should probably already know what is required. Request for Pre-Exemption this isnt needed by most, if you require it, you should know why beforehand. It is a prohibition to possess firearms in these parts of the state, even if you are a permit holder in New York. One long gun purchase every 90 days-- they WILL NOT REGISTER a long gun until 90 days passes from the date you previously registered a firearm** ** This includes pistols---> you can only register ONE FIREARM (Pistol or Long Gun) every 90 days. Once you receive it, you have to go down to 1PP to pick up the PA. M-Tr ONLY from 9am-12pm. Wait times Monroe 2021 and the "pistol permit playoff beard "Jchrisls; Oct 13, 2021; 6 7 8. PREMISES LICENSE: This is a restricted type of license. and our You must not have a previously revoked license. When you have completed your application, click on Finalize and Submit, after which you will no longer be able to make changes to your application, other than uploading additional documents. Premises handgun permit in NYC Approved. Look presentable, and be prepared. You may also be asked to bring your drivers license, NY State Income Tax return, or a utility bill. For a change of address, submit the form with any utility bill receipt from your new address. (checks can be made out to DCSO), $10.00 card fee (A card fee will need to be sent in for any transaction). Currently takes around 30-60 days. All Pistol Permit holders should, as a matter of business, keep copies of all transactions that they have done, whether buying or selling handguns. If you ever had an Order of Protection or a Restraining Order issued against you, you must divulge the name/address/phone number of the complainant, their relationship to you, and the reason the Order was issued. in this forum in the entire site. Beyond what is required to electronically submit the application there is no further requirement to submit any other documentation or for a face to face interview. Even with a license, you will not be able to enter with a firearm unless specially authorized by law. Under the law, the following are considered sensitive locations: Any location owned or under control of federal, state, or local government for the purpose of government administration, including courts; The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act allows officers of the law to possess firearms in all jurisdictions of the United States without any location restriction or limitation by state and local laws. Tell him Glenn sent you! You are not allowed to conceal carry in bars or any restaurants that serve alcohol. CARRY BUSINESS LICENSE: This license permits the carrying of a handgun concealed on the person. Yeah - it is a pretty ridiculous process, but it is what it is for now. But first, learn how to properly operate and maintain your firearm (the manual of arms) . Or just keep waiting? It is illegal to transport a gun purchased outside New York State into New York State. Dutchess County Clerk I got mine after exactly 8 months of waiting. Where are you. You cannot conceal carry in places that have signage or posts that prohibits the possession of firearms within their premises. Wait for the Approval/Denial Letter After waiting another 1 3 months, you will get your approval letter (hopefully). Q: How will you transport the firearm to and from the range? Some of the main requirements are that you must be at least 21 years of age, of good moral character, and not in a condition -- mental or physical -- that would make it unsafe for you to possess a firearm. In herkimer county my friends have gotten theirs in 4 to 6 months. You must not be a felony or convicted for any other serious crime. The office for Rifle and Shotgun Licensing is in Queens, while the Pistol Licensing Division is located in 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan. You must not be a felony or convicted for any other serious crime. New York issues gun licenses to residents of the state, part-time residents, business owners, and those employed in the state. Note that your New York Pistol License does not exempt you from the criminal record background check before buying a handgun. State that has restricted reciprocity with New York: Michigan will allow you to conceal carry within the states territory if you are a full resident of New York, and you have a New York CCW permit to show for it. Abbreviations may only be used if there is not enough space for a complete word. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Time for My PA Non-Resident. Other acceptable forms proving your birth date include: military record, US Passport or Baptismal certificate. In addition, all applicants for a rifle/shotgun permit must pay the application fee. This does not include a transfer between immediate family members. Proof of Citizenship/Alien Registration if you were not born in the US, you must submit your naturalization papers, or other evidence of citizenship, or your Alien Registration Card. These places are defined by New York gun Laws as off-limits; hence you can get arrested for possessing your firearms there. The cost of a license varies by county, and you should expect it to take a minimum of four months from the time of application until a license is either granted or denied. Update on my permit. You must be a convict of any misdemeanor crime that has to do with domestic violence. You will receive your new permit and purchase coupon in the mail. Had they done it back then it sounds like they could be pistol shopping around now. Note that your New York Pistol License does not exempt you from the criminal record background check before buying a handgun. New York is a May-issue state for the application of firearms, processed by a county sheriff or a local court. In this case, the gun must not be accessible from the passenger side of the vehicle. Photographs 2 recent passport (1.5 square) color photos. However, it is always best to buy the handgun make and model you put down on the Purchase Authorization Request Form if at all possible. At all other times, the handgun must be stored unloaded in a locked container, at either the address on the license or at the employee's legal residence (within the State of New York). Good Luck your_real-father 8 mo. This also includes the exchange or disposal of guns. Westside Range 10-2 PM $150.00, 09/09/23 Utah Multi-State CCW Class The process to complete this includes the following: Here are some of the frequently asked questions about concealed carry in New York. A: Home defense & target shooting. You must be a legal citizen of the United States of America. Q: When is the use of deadly force permissible? You must meet all federal laws required for concealed carry permit applications. From what Ive seen its about 6-12 months of wait time however those posts were made in 2018. 4. Next, report to One Police Plaza, 5th floor, to be issued your Retired identification card, HR-218 (if applicable) and your Good Guy letter. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Applications for this type of license must be made with the documentation provided by a company's gun custodian. Remember, when you sell a gun you are responsible for having it removed from your license. I am Oneida County and it took 6.5 months for me. You must not have been convicted of any of these offences in the past 5 years: driving under the influence (DUI), third degree assault, and menacing. There is no charge for registering firearms. You must bring with you originals of all uploaded documents. Directions for filling out and mailing in your Amendment form: (Example: If you are adding one gun, your total will be $13.00, two guns would be $16.00), Dutchess County Sheriffs Office Certification that the applicant has no record of mental illness, and was authorized by the agency to carry firearms at time of retirement. THIS FEE MUST BE PAID BY MONEY ORDER OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. The amount for CCW permit application varies by counties. If you require assistance regarding a handgun license application, please call the License Division, during normal business hours, at (646) 610-5560. Jchrisls. To change the name or address on a pistol permit, make sure that you complete the report form at least ten days after effecting the change. You must not be a convict of any misdemeanor crime that has to do with domestic violence. Bring bill of sale, etc etc etc. You are not allowed to conceal carry in courtyards and courthouses. Before you purchase a firearm in New York, the licensed dealer must complete a background check, provide proof of the check to the New York State Department, and keep a record of the sales. Not saying that's going to speed up the time but it'll improve the approval rate. 3 mo ago. Gun Inspection Bring the receipt (2 copies you keep the original they get the other), Purchase Authorization, and your firearm (unloaded, trigger locked, no mag in gun, no ammo on your person, in a locked case) to back to 1 Police Plaza, Monday Thursday between the hours of 12 noon 3pm (if youre quick, you can pick up your PA in the morning, buy a gun, and get back for inspection the same day). I'm still in investigation. Also, licenses issued based on business or employment reasons become invalid upon the termination of employment or relocation of the business away from the state. Applying for either permit can only be done online now. Please write or call. Request for Pistol Permit Transfer from Dutchess County (.pdf). The details that you must provide before the county issues a permit to you includes the following: Note that the background record check carries extra charges. However, some of them may have other requirements you must satisfy before you make use of firearms. You must bring originals of all uploaded forms and documents when you appear at License Division. The process for getting a long arms permit (shotgun & rifle) is now the same as getting a handgun permit. They include the following: These are permitless carry states, and you do not need a license to possess firearms in the states. by Saltwater60. Inspections are done any business day (M-F, excluding holidays) from 12pm 2pm. As part of your on-line application, you MUST upload the following forms/documents. You will be photographed, and given your license along with one Purchase Authorization. Answer the "no/yes" question at the bottom of the form, Provide Pistol Bureau with the following: Completed Amendment Form, Send in check or money order for fees. Some retired law enforcement officers who reside outside of NYC must obtain a NYC Special Carry license, in addition to a carry license from their resident county, in order to be properly licensed in NYC. 6. NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption. NickNack; 8 mo ago; 2. Next, report to the License Division Retiree Unit, One Police Plaza, Room 110A, with your ID card stamped Retired. Bring the following listed items with you: All NYC Police Department retirees must submit their Pistol License Inquiry Response form (PD 643-155, a.k.a. If you are the executor or administrator of an estate - or - seek to turn in an unregistered gun please follow the instructions offered in the Amnesty section. Failure to upload required forms/documents will result delay in processing of your application. This license may also be issued for safety reasons unrelated to business. THERE IS A ONE TIME FINGERPRINT FEE OF$88.25 (EIGHTY EIGHT DOLLARS AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS). Westside Range 10-2 PM $150.00. 1K. Follow the upload instructions as indicated below. The link is here. You are not allowed to conceal carry in the Zoar valley multipurpose area except it is during the hunting season. You can complete a renewal permit application either online or with paper. However, some counties mandate firearm training before the application of gun licenses. WHEN ALL OF THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS/FORMS ARE UPLOADED, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED TO APPEAR AT THE LICENSE DIVISION RETIREE UNIT AT ONE POLICE PLAZA, ROOM 110A, BETWEEN 0900 AND 1500 HOURS, TO BE FINGERPRINTED. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. I had to call them 30+ times to schedule my fingerprinting appointment. Examples of such counties are Nassau County. To access required forms, click on the drop-down menu next to your name in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. Handguns must be unloaded while being transported. I paid for my application on 1/04/2021. Brian Young. It is not transferable to any other person, business, occupation, or address, without the written approval of the License Division's Commanding Officer. Once you have completed the form, please return it by mail or in person to: Bradford Kendall Waiting times on this can vary, you will be advised by the clerk. Possession of handguns, rifles, or shotguns in New York City requires a license or a permit issued by the NYPD License Division. You can apply online or in person. First, report to the Police Pension Fund, 233 Broadway, 19th floor, New York, NY. In some counties, you must complete a New York concealed carry permit class for firearm training; an example is Westchester. The states include the following: These states will accept your pistol permit from New York, but you must meet some other requirements provided by their gun laws. 4 Slider-208 2 yr. ago If I would guess, probably in under 1 year, got mine about 3 months ago, and that about how long it took. 357 ruger from my father. A: Unloaded, in a locked box or safe, with a trigger lock. Also, provide your fingerprints. You can conceal carry in New York with the New York Pistol License that serves as the states CCW permit. The telephone number for the Handgun Section is (646) 610-5560, and the telephone number for the Rifle/Shotgun Section is (718) 520-9300. Livin' in a Gangsta's Paradise (AKA New York). Proof of Residence this can be: a real estate tax bill, ownership shares in a co-op or condo, or a lease. Took me about 5 months (this was back in 2010 though so things may have changed). You must not be a narcotic or an addict to hard drugs and controlled substances. Private vehicles that do not have a compartment, lock the firearm away in a case but not the glove compartment of the car. Telephone number (718) 520-9300. There are ten of them. Application and renewal fees are non-refundable. The local licensing authority is in charge of the recertification and updating of pistol permits. Ive still been on their butts about it. New York only issues permits to residents, per time residents, and those whose place of employment is in the state. AND for those living here less than 7 years, you must submit a good conduct certificate from your country of origin. Read the manual! Therefore the state prohibits large-capacity firearms. Scan this QR code to download the app now. There are a lot of misconceptions about places where you can conceal carry in New York, and you must know that the gun law of the state does not restrict these under listed places. Also, provide your fingerprints. I strongly suggest getting some good instruction in shooting fundamental and/or self defense. No, you do not need a permit to possess firearms in dwelling places of personal businesses in New York. If you buy a new gun, IT MUST BE NY COMPLIANT. See below for a brief description of each type of license. The permit will carry information such as if the handgun can be concealed carry by the holder, or meant for specific locations. Q: Will you be transporting the firearm? Included with the application is a request for the following letters. Click to expand. The City issues licenses to own a handgun and permits for rifles and shotguns. The only exception to this is the transfer of a firearm between family members. You don't need a long gun permit in NYS as far as I know. Hey everyone, I just finished my NYC Rifle/Shotgun permit, does anyone know what the approximate 2021 wait time for approval might be? ago Once I handed it in I had my permit in just under 4 weeks. Long arms permits usually take anywhere from 9-12 months. Be sure to request the Hunting Authorization card when you pick up your license if you ever want to leave the 5 boroughs into NY State on a Premises License. You are not required to voucher your firearms if you have received a Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Firearm Certification Card (a.k.a. The licensing unit issues permits based on discretion, but you must first meet the New York pistol license law requirements. You will need to fill out the Purchase Authorization Request Form electronically and submit it online to NYPD so that they can provide you with a purchase Authorization that you can use to take possession of a new handgun at the time of purchase.
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